Visiting the Fontys C.A.V.E.

Students went to visit the C.A.V.E. at Fontys to test out some of its capabilities in relationship to immersion and virtual control.

Three applications were tested there: The Physics Simulator, Arachnophobia and Acrophobia. While Arachnophobia and Acrophobia were good showcases of therapeutic virtual reality simulations, The Physics Simulator proved to be the most relevant application to our research.

CAVE physics simulator
CAVE physics simulator

Testing in this environment was a great inspiration, and a chance to decide what should and shouldn’t be developed in our prototypes.
Before entering the environment, one person was required to put on glasses that make use of the stereographic imaging projected on the walls. These glasses were motion-tracked as well, to define the position of the viewer in the 3D environment and to correct the 3D view accordingly.

CAVE stereoscopic glasses
CAVE stereoscopic glasses

The CAVE environment provided a lower threshold for the feeling of physical presence in a virtual world by surrounding the player with big projected screens that show a stereographic 3D world.

CAVE setup: 3 rear-projected walls and 1 top-down projected floor



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