Donald Norman – The Design Of Everyday Things

Beyond The HUD: User Interfaces for Increased Player Immersion in FPS Games

Game Usability: Advancing The Player Experience

Steve Swink – Game Feel

Chris Bateman – Imaginary Games

Game Development Essentials: Game Interface Design

Emotional and Social Immersion in Virtual Worlds: Towards Believable Human-Computer Interaction

Believable interaction with a quasi-tangible tabletop interface

Gonzalo Frasca – Play The Message

Narratives in First Person Games

Story and Recall in First-Person Shooters

Ludic Reality: a construct for analysing meaning-mapping and
epistemology in play

Haptic Landscapes: Dear Esther and Embodied Video Game Space

Environmental Storytelling

Player Agency in Interactive Narrative: Audience, Actor
& Author

Beyond Interactive Cinema

Video game user interface design: Diegesis theory

Counting barrels in Quake 4: affordances and
homodiegetic structures in FPS worlds

MSDN: Kinect Gestures implementation

Frank Steinicke – Does a Gradual Transition to the Virtual World increase Presence?


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