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Games Researched

Game Title
Link to game
Devices Required
Natural User Interface
Natural User Interface Principles
Game Feel
Elemental Ghost Story Rift
Leap Motion (Rift-mounted)
Breakfast Simulator Rift
Leap Motion (Rift-mounted)
Intent To Action is really difficult (Pans flying everywhere)
Bad Physics
Turning On A Stove doesn't work
Difficult to pick up items, needs better interaction
Goal not directly visible
High learning curve, interface hard to use
Expecting real-life interactions, but lack of accuracy
Looks realistic but doesn't respond in a realistic way
Leap is limited in its reach, not enough feeling of depth, partly because of missing shadows
Clear Environment (kitchen)
"Instructions" not there
Spatial Relationships are not available
Oculus-powered movement
Leap hands control suddenly disappears
Bad sense of depth and distances
Field of View is limited
No gestures, no pinch, no snapping
Bad hand-recognition by Leap
Input: Pro = every axis is used, Con = Not enough range from the leap
Context: Pro = 'realistic' room, Con = Bad depth
Polish: Needs more shadows to gain depth, Physics are strange

Initially Researched Games

Game Title & Author
Meaning Through Mechanics
Interactive Narrative
(First Person) Controls
Gone Home - Steve GaynorThis game is about exploring a house and finding clues about the story that has come to pass here by picking up objects, examining them, reading texts and listening to voice recordings.The controls follow the "traditional" first person PC control scheme: WASD for walking, mouse movement for looking/steering and clicking for interaction. Right click for zooming (examining).
Dys4ia - Anna AnthropyAdded layer of confrontation by letting the player perform awkward but real situations of a transgender person
By playing through various (cartoony) mini-game scenes depicting real-life situations for a person undergoing transgender surgery, the player realises the situation that such a person is in. By being put in awkward situations (like the player having to shave a moustache of the face of a female body), this impact is even greater when played through as opposed to just watching an animation of it.Only the arrow keys are being used in this game. Because of the wide variety of mini-games, a simple control-scheme was necessary in order to not confuse the player between games, and to keep the threshold of playing at a minimum, allowing for a broader audience to participate.
Loneliness - Jordan MagnusonAbstract/minimal
Game rules (consequences of actions) are interpretable as a representation of loneliness
September 12th - NewsgamingOnly mechanic is to bomb human beings. Both action and inaction create undesirable situations The simple rules and the context of current affairs in the world tell the player a story, but the interesting part here is that, although the depiction is heavily biased of course, the player's action determines the narrative. The narrative is constructed BY the player through playing the game, as opposed to the story being told TO the player while playing.Aiming and clicking with the mouse will interact with the game world.
Papers, Please - Lucas PopeBeing tasked with the responsibility of rejecting/allowing people by performing similar tasks as an actual immigration officer
The game is played with a mouse, and the player has to perform the duties of an immigration officer by clicking and dragging passports, papers and stamps. Because the controls are so elaborate (as opposed to "click button to check and stamp all papers"), the player gets a better sense of identification with the role of the immigration officer.
Datura - Plastic Studios!!
The Marriage - Rod Humble"Abstract/minimal
Game rules (consequences of actions) are interpretable as a representation of marriage"
Papo & Yo - Minority (Vander Caballero)
Braid - Jonathan Blow
Train - Brenda Brathwaite RomeroManaging the trains to concentration camps in WWII, being confronted by having to act out the rules as well as the decisions you make
Missile Command - Atari (Dave Theurer)Simulation of nuclear war defense, choices reflect harsh real-life situations/decisions in time of war
Passage - Jason RohrerRepresentation of life experience through navigation and exploration
I Wish I Were The Moon - Daniel Benmergui
Façade - Procedural Arts
Journey - Thatgamecompany
The Graveyard - Tale of Tales
Heavy Rain - Quantic Dream
Dinner Date - Jeroen D. Stout!
Dear Esther - The Chinese Room!
The Stanley Parable - Davey Wreden!
Immortall - Pixelante
Ico - Team ICO
Shadow Of The Colossus - Fumito Ueda


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